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Maximise the impact of your print marketing

Traditional marketing has always used print marketing in various forms. The Jack Marketing Solutions™ print marketing training takes you through the elements of strategy and tactics to enable you to maximise your print marketingactivities.

Our course shows you how to plan and manage the creative design and to manage the printing and proofing of your designs.

The Print Marketing Course

You will learn:

  • Audience planning and targeting.
  • Creative planning and execution/management.
  • Print management.
  • Proofing techniques.
  • Delivery and measurement.

Why not contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to learn how to maximise your print marketing impact?

Glossary: Accordion Insert, AIDA, AIUAPR, Art Director, Audience, Awareness, Belly Band Advertising, Bleed, Blueline Proof, Call to Action, Campaign, Creative, Creative Director, Four Colour, FPO, Front Matter, Galley Proof, Give Away, Gutter, Hickey, Leave Behind, Marketing Communications, Media Kit, Media Planning, POS, Solus Position, Spot Colour, Typography, White Space

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