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Web design & SEO terms and conditions

  1. If payment for any invoice is not received by the due date, Jack Marketing Solutions™ will consider the working arrangements made by the contract to be at an end, the Customer will forfeit the right to pay in instalments, all monies owed must then be paid within seven days and Jack Marketing Solutions™ will reserve the right to deactivate and remove the Customer’s website from Jack Marketing Solution’s™ web space (if applicable).
  2. If the Customer does not provide Jack Marketing Solutions™ with the material needed to complete the design of the website and/or does not give requested feedback on designs to Jack Marketing Solutions™ within the Allocated Build Period, Jack Marketing Solutions™ then reserves the right to consider the working arrangements made by the contract to be at an end and to invoice the Customer for the monetary value of all materials, services and time charged at the prevailing hourly rate, incurred while constructing the Customer’s website up to and including the end of the Allocated Build Period if it exceeds the amount of the deposit whether the website is completed or not.
  3. All programming and source code carried out by Jack Marketing Solutions™ is designed to run as broad a range of servers as possible. Jack Marketing Solutions™ will not be responsible for installing or rectifying faults on any unusual server.
  4. All programming and source code other than HTML supplied within websites constructed by Jack Marketing Solutions™ is encrypted and Jack Computing Solutions™ reserves copyright, design and all other intellectual property rights for the code. The Customer may not edit, reproduce or distribute any source code supplied without Jack Marketing Solution’s™ written prior permission.
  5. If Jack Marketing Solutions™ provides website marketing of the customer’s website the Customer accepts that the listing and ranking of their website is at the discretion of third party Internet search engine companies. Jack Marketing Solutions™ will not be liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from not being listed at all, a low ranking and/or a excessive time delay in being listed by individual Internet search engines or for any other loss arising there from.
  6. Where a site is optimised for a client by Jack Marketing Solutions™ and the client does not pay for that service or does not renew for any reason, Jack Marketing Solutions™ will de optimise the site and cease all submissions to the Search Engines and stop all other optimisation services that have been applied to the website by Jack Marketing Solutions™. This could result in the immediate disappearance under the key phrases agreed with that client.
  7. The Customer accepts that Jack Marketing Solutions™ will not be liable for any loss or expense of any kind arising directly or indirectly from any data stored on the Customer’s website, the Customer’s e-mail account/mail box or any of the Customer’s e-mails being lost, corrupted or hacked nor any loss or expense of any kind arising directly or indirectly from their website not being available to the Internet or World Wide Web.
  8. Jack Marketing Solutions™ reserves the right to cancel immediately if it believes that the Customer maintains an operation which is, or is connected with, an illegal arrangement and Jack Marketing Solutions™ may from time to time make changes in the specification of its websites and the Customer’s website which are required to comply with any requirement of law provided they do not materially affect either their quality or their fitness or purpose.
  9. Where Jack Marketing Solutions™ produces any designs or development work for a client or potential client, Jack Marketing Solutions™ may display this work on the Internet and will be able to consider it as part of its portfolio to show to third parties whether a payment has been made for this work or Jack Marketing Solutions™ has been employed to carry out this work.
  10. Where the Customer has provided designs or specification to Jack Marketing Solutions™ the Customer warrants that Jack Marketing Solution’s™ use for the purposes of the specification will not constitute any infringement of any third party rights.
  11. Access to a hosting package ftp or movement of a domain name away from Jack Marketing Solutions™ may be denied if an invoice outstanding beyond 90 days is not paid for any services provided by Jack Marketing Solutions™.
  12. Jack Marketing Solutions™ will not be liable for any failure to perform its obligations which arises as a result of any strike, industrial action, or any of God, fire, flood, tempest, war, armed insurrection or other events beyond its reasonable control.
  13. If Jack Marketing Solutions™ start a project for a client without a signed agreement or contract, or a 50% deposit, then that client would have been deemed to be seen to have appointed Jack Marketing Solutions™ and will be liable to be invoiced for that work if after 3 months no agreement or contract has been signed by the client.
  14. Unless a specific delivery date has previously been agreed in writing the date for completion of the Specification is an estimate. The Customer will not reject, and Jack Marketing Solutions™ will not be liable to the Customer for any loss (direct or indirect) due to, provision of the Specification after the estimated date for completion.
  15. A charge of 50% is required for all work, which is non-refundable. This amount may be invoiced in advance as a deposit or agreed on different terms, unless contractually altered at the start of the project.

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