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Jack Marketing Solutions™ is a strong opponent of spam in all its forms. Business doesn’t deserve this harassment, so we work hard with you to ensure that your messages get to the people they are meant to. Email marketing law is designed to protect businesses and individuals form this.

We understand spam filters, and produce detailed bounce reports showing where email messages get to. We planyour campaign carefully, identifying the correct target audience, and may still advise you walk away after that, if the medium is incompatible with the audience.

We help create flexibleimpactful messages using all the latest programming techniques, whether it is to provide an e-Newsletter, a product campaign or a reactive response.

Do you know the email marketing law?

Do you know what you can and can’t do with emails?

You can:

  • You can send as many emails as you want to someone who has actively consented to receiving your messages (the opt-in).
  • You can send emails to customers and former customers if it relevant to a product or service they have purchased, or about to purchase, or when responding to the customer.
  • You can send information to customers with whom you have an ongoing relationship with (a subscriber, etc.) or to inform customers of bugs or upgrades.
  • If the customer has opted in, you do not need to check any third party lists.
  • The Data Protection Act (DPA) does not apply to communication between companies, but business people are also consumers, so it is best to treat them in the same way.

You can’t:

  • Do not send advertising emails with false or misleading headers or subject lines.
  • Do not use false or inaccurate routing information – the “From” and “To” must be accurate and identify the sender. Make the ‘From’ a person – it makes it more personal.
  • Do not promote fraudulent schemes.
  • Do not send emails to list that you do not know the origins of, or that you are concerned about.
  • Do not send emails to addresses mechanically ‘harvested’ – no-one has opted in there.
  • Do not send advertising to anyone who has asked you not to e-mail them, in other words ‘opted out’ (and stop immediately if they do ask).

The 2002 EU Directive on Privacy and Telecommunications gives everyone in EU countries the right to seek legal damages against the senders of unwanted e-mailfax, or text messages. We can help ensure that you are not one subject to these claims.

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