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Your marketing projects managed by professionals

Projects by their very nature are short-term, and require a specific skillset, one that you may not need on a day-to-day basis in your business. We offer a professional outsourced project management service for your marketing projects(on- and offline).

With a great track record in reducing the project development time, we can help you maximise your returns on project investment, and get you running with your new products, services or processes in next to no time.

Our flexible outsourced project management service model allows us to be an extension of your capabilities working within your existing team or independently.

  • We use a simple methodology designed to complete projects, backed up with full reporting and tracking.
  • Our transparent pricing model makes it easy for you to budget your project.
  • Our Service Level Agreement provides you with the security that your project will be supported to the agreed conclusion.
  • We respond to change and adapt the project, rather than managing to a rigid plan at all costs!
  • You get immediate access to highly skilled marketing professionals with extensive experience.

You will be supported by a full suite of metrics and service level agreements, the managed service offering is as close to outsourcing as you should get.

We provide outsourced project management in the following areas:

  • New Product Development.
  • Website Development.
  • Production Process.
  • CRM / Database Organisation and Implementation.
  • Digital Transformation.
  • Campaign Planning.
  • Forecasting.
  • Business Reengineering.

Contact us today on +44(0)203 397 3557 for a free quotation.

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