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Jack Marketing Solutions™ (JMS™) consultants have worked in marketing management for many years, so have a wide range of skills and experience to share with you. JMS™ is able to provide an outsourced marketingmanagement solution for clients. The level of outsourcing varies from client to client.

Some clients have decided to outsource their entire marketing management function to JMS™, whilst others have opted to outsource specific functions thereby limiting their central overhead costs.

Outsourcing gives the client a flexible marketing resource that can be quickly flexed up or down to meet changing strategic and operating requirements. Unlike traditional in-house solutions, the skills available to the client can be adjusted to suit particular stages in the evolution of an organisation. It is this flexibility coupled with JMSexpertise and independence that is of particular interest to clients.

Outsourcing agreements are normally structured around a core minimum level of management support that can be supplemented as required.

Experience shows that this solution is particularly attractive to organisations that are experiencing rapid growth, or for those who have limited line marketing management needs yet require significant input to various marketing projects, especially in digital marketing.

We can offer a number of different solutions, including:

  • Marketing strategy formulation.
  • Marketing plan design and implementation.
  • PR and communications strategy.
  • Advertising campaign design and implementation.
  • Marketing communications management.
  • Product marketing management.
  • Re-branding and new product launch.
  • CRM design, development, implementation and management.
  • Customer and key account monitoring.
  • Sponsorship management.
  • Website project management.
  • Web marketing management.

Outsourced Marketing – Key Benefits

  • Access to experienced marketing & business professionals.
  • Access to a network of specialists, top businesses and suppliers.
  • Shortcut the learning process and achieve a quicker return on investment (ROI).

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, and help you define your requirements and develop a brief. We are also in contact with many marketing professionals, and can help put you in touch with someone who can make a difference for your company and develop your business strategy. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us by contacting us now to find out how we can help your business with outsourced marketing resources.

To download our outsourced marketing brochure, please click on the logo 

Glossary: Advertising, Brief, Campaign, Customer Relationship Marketing, Digital Marketing, Key Account Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Plan, Public Relations, Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI), Sponsorship, Website

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