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Get your own outsourced digital marketing resource

As a digital marketing consultancy that provides a wide range of outsourced marketing solutions, we can ensure the successful growth of your business. If your business is looking for a more comprehensive marketing service, then Jack Marketing Solutions™ can become your in-house digital marketing department.

We can fulfil the roles as your Outsourced Marketing Director to delivering your day-to-day campaign management. We can even manage your market research, day-to-day digital administration, website/s, PR, search engine marketing and campaigns; ensuring that your customers have the very best marketing experience.

Outsourced Digital Marketing Packages

In addition to the bespoke outsourced digital marketing services, we have developed some packages to help you maximise your digital marketing efforts.

Bronze Outsourced Digital Marketing Package

The basic outsourced digital marketing package is the bronze solution for a single country, including:

  • Web content updates and optimisation.
  • Homepage SEO.
  • Quarterly e-Newsletter development & distribution.
  • One monthly e-Mail campaign planning, design and execution.
  • One monthly professionally written blog posting.
  • Up to ten social media marketing posts per month.
  • Monthly digital marketing analytics.
  • Monthly marketing communications strategy review.
  • Monthly marketing review meetings.

Monthly fee: £750

Silver Outsourced Digital Marketing Package

The advanced outsourced digital marketing package is the regional silver solution, including:

  • Web content creation, updates and optimisation.
  • SEO for the main pages of your website.
  • Fortnightly e-Newsletter development & distribution.
  • Two monthly e-Mail campaigns – planning, design and execution.
  • Two monthly professionally written blog postings.
  • Up to twenty social media marketing posts per month.
  • Up to ten PPC keywords optimised per month.
  • One white paper/article developed per quarter.
  • One press release developed and distributed per month.
  • Monthly digital marketing analytics.
  • Monthly marketing communications strategy review.
  • Weekly marketing review meetings.

Monthly fee: £1,600

Gold Outsourced Digital Marketing Package

The professional outsourced digital marketing package is the international gold solution, including:

  • Web content creation, updates and optimisation (including for mobile sites/Apps).
  • SEO for the pages of your website.
  • Up to a maximum of one e-Newsletter per week.
  • Up to a maximum of one weekly e-Mail campaign – planning, design and execution.
  • Up to a maximum of one professionally written blog posting per week.
  • Up to fifty social media marketing posts per month.
  • Up to forty PPC keywords optimised per month.
  • Up to one white paper/article developed per month.
  • Up to three press releases developed and distributed per month.
  • Public Relations Management.
  • Monthly digital marketing analytics.
  • Monthly marketing communications strategy review.
  • Weekly marketing review meetings.
  • Unlimited telephone support.

Monthly fee: £2,500

Call us today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to book your outsourced digital marketing solution.

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