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Manage what are people saying about you

Reputation management and positive profiling for your executives and brands have become a necessity when dealing with the publicmedia and trade opinions. The instant communications opportunities of the Internet has increased the risks, and search engines play a pivotal role in your company’s reputation to your audiences. Most users will read reviews and look for warnings when dealing with companies. Blogsforumsnetworking sites and social media are equally relevant to your reputation on the web.

Our services where your customers and potential customers are, building processes that avoid damaging comments with use of directpositive language and actions to have a positive affect on your revenue.

The viral potential of social media works both ways, and how you interact and convey yourself in the public domain speaks volumes about your brand. The perception it promotes as a result – good, bad or ugly – can race through the Internet and make a permanent impression on the minds of decision makers and potential customers. So there’s no time like the present to care about cultivating your brand image and protecting it from the risk of comment rot, with a reputation management programme.

Reputation Management Presence Services

  • Track your brand footprint and measure it’s reach:
    Make sure you know exactly where your press releases and commentaries are published and be clear on the reach of your tweets, posts and articles across the web, including who reacts, engages and responds to them.
  • Take notice of public opinion:
    Locate key figures and websites for your brand/s, and discover what your target influencers find appealing and shareworthy. You can then target them as partners for healthy engagement and incorporate them into your communications strategies.
  • Build contingencies against reputation risks:
    Your reputation becomes far more manageable when using tools like the JMS Prominence Tracker. By maintaining astate of alertness, you can pick up potentially damaging conversations and intervene before they escalate.

Reputation Management Tools

The JMS™ Prominence Tracker™ has been created to monitor and evaluate what is happening with you and your brand/s and to give you the tools to manage responses or to request removal of libellous or damaging comments and posts.

The JMS™ Prominence Tracker™ comprises of:

  • Tracking tools:
    • Brand tracker.
    • Attack tracker.
    • Search engine and news tracker.
    • News network tracker.
    • Review network tracker.
    • Social media tracker.
    • Results tracker.
  • Moderation tools
    • Review moderator.
    • Publicity moderator.
    • Task manager & scheduler.

For more information, please contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 357 3557 to maximise your potential and manage your reputation.

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