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The Jack Marketing Solutions™ Public Relations Solutions buildsmanages and protects the reputations of your business, and global corporate brands and organisations who are leaders in their sectors.

We deliver outstanding corporate communications, including reputation managementmedia relations’ managementinvestor relationships and media spokesperson training.

Our public relations campaigns ensure your business, whatever its size, gets regular prominent and influential coverage – nationally or internationally. Our approach involves helping you extract the full commercial value from your coverage through the effective re-use for marketingdigital marketing and social media marketing activities.

To stand out in your industry, we have found that it helps to interestexcite and help potential customers. Well-written content and thought-provoking ideas are important for businesses to stand out against their competitors.

We have a good track record of devising and delivering ‘thought leadership’ campaigns and presentations to help position our clients as leading experts and specialists. 

Many of the thought leadership campaigns have been highly successful allowing our clients’ to drive their business objectives.

Our ‘publicity marketing’ approach combines PR, ‘thought leadership’, direct marketingon- and offlinetechniques to deliver powerful marketing campaigns that reach key decision makers and builds the rapport and reputation you need to convert contacts into clients.

Call us today on +44(0)203 357 3557 for a chat about your public relations solutions.

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