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Open your customer’s eyes to your brand

Getting into the media – onlineprint or broadcast – is regarded as a more cost effective form of marketing than advertising, and for some seen as a ‘free’ form of advertising. But putting your business in the firing line of the media isn’t just a cheaper or free form of advertising; it’s more effective than advertising because people actually want to consume content. No one reads the newspapers for the adverts, instead people want to be informed, educated and entertained, rather than seeing obvious ‘spin’. So, are your publicity solutions appealing to your target audience/s?

However, ‘media relations’ is not just about getting your content into the media. Good media relations is about managing the media – controlling your communications with journalists by making the journalists’ lives as easy as possible and putting your message in the right media, at the right time and saying the right things.

Of course our publicity solutions can:

  • Create all the content that the media can use – in all the usable formats – textaudio or video.
  • Target the news releases to the right journalists/media.
  • Produce feature articles that enhance your brand and demonstrate your business understanding.
  • Arrange photo or video opportunities.
  • Place company spokespeople for interviews and presentations.

Our approach is based our marketing heritage, so we create compellingtargeted content, topical news articles, insightful articles – not the infamous spin! We start by creating a brief that creates a solid plan backed up by thorough research, and good relationships with the journalists that matter for your industry.

Call us on +44(0)203 357 3557 today to work out a publicity solution for your business to release your potential.

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