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Product marketing typically delivers the ammunition that makes up the deliverables for lead generation programmes. The ammunition comprises not just of the physical (or virtual) product or service, but includes the pricing, promotion and availability (the marketing mix or 4-P’s).

It focuses on understanding the market and market needs, with an emphasis on understanding the buyer of the company’s products and services. Product marketing is responsible for developing positioningmessagingcompetitive differentiation, and enabling the sales and marketing teams to ensure they are aligned and work efficiently to generate and close opportunities. It is strategic marketing at the product or product line level. Product Marketing, as a function, is part of the overall Product Management function, but not to be confused by its management.

Product management looks after the product life cycle (PLC), whilst product marketing ensures that it is fit for the marketplace.

Idea > Development > Implementation > Trading > Retirement
The classic Product Lifecycle diagram

What are your corporate requirements? What do your customers demand?

We can offer you support in New Product Development (NPD), product nomenclature and identitypackaging, or perhaps you need an experienced marketing resource but cannot afford to employ someone full time (please see our outsourced marketing services). We can supply all these elements, in terms of training your staff, developing tailored solutions for your needs, or managing your corporate needs to help you maximise your product marketing presence.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can offer you a range of product marketing management resources, with consultants who have experience of many areas in various trades, in B2C and B2B markets.

Call us today on +44(0)203 357 3557 for a free quote on how we can help your product marketing presence.

Glossary: Audience, B2B, B2C, Benefit, Boston Box, Brand, Brand Essence, Brand Extension, Branding, Brief, Cash Cow, Competitor Analysis, Corporate Identity, Dogs, DMU, Early Adopters, Early Majority, International Marketing, KPI, Laggards, Lead Generation, Market Entry, NPD, Problem Child, Product Development Process, Product Life Cycle, Star, Trust, USP, VALS, Wildcats

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