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Engage with your customers where they are

Do you need to engage with your customers where they congregate? Jack Marketing Solutions™ (JMS™) can enable you to fulfil the potential of your brand, from driving awareness and availability at the point of sale to building consumer trial with dynamic, memorable experiences. Our field marketing solutions provide a comprehensive service for your business.

We work internationally to deliver effective merchandisingsamplingmystery shopping and local campaignsand events, thanks to our wide range of partners who are active in your markets.

We can organise a blend of the following:

  • Sales drives:
    – Ideal for launching new products or services.
    – Product or services re-launches.
    – Building existing brand distribution.
    – Increasing or promoting seasonal demand.
    – Local support of advertising campaigns.
  • Brand experience events.
  • In-store demonstrations.
  • Product sampling.
  • Mystery shopping
    Whether you need ad hoc or regular visits, JMS’s mystery shoppers can monitor and report on the customer experience objectively, to ensure your brand is always presented, marketed and sold to the highest standards.
  • Merchandising, including:
    – Shelf replenishment – maximising availability, and reducing off-shelf issues.
    – Gain extra facings.
    – Improve product positioning.
    – Stock rotation optimisation.
    – Stock order optimisation.
    – Management of POS from warehouse to store/s.
    – Optimum placement of POS in hotspot areas.
    – Implementation of promotion placement and compliance.
  • Store design and development (on- and offline, including integration of the two):
    – New store opening.
    – Store refurbishment and refitting.
    – Staffing for launch for promotions.
    – EPOS design and sourcing.
    – Product range changes and upgrades.
    – Floor planning and space allocation and optimisation.
    – Retail consultancy service.
    – Equipment sourcing, supply & installation consultancy.
  • Compliance & retail auditing.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can provide you with a professional field marketing partnership, delivering an efficient service from research to final report. We will tailor the programme to complement your goalsstrategies and localities that compliment your marketing plan; enhancing your customers’ satisfaction through face-to-face marketing at point of purchase and maximising your profitability and brand awareness.

Call us today to find out how we can improve and enhance your field marketing activities. Call on +44(0) 203 357 3557 today.

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