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Personalise your marketing communications

Are you looking for low-cost, effective direct marketing to boost your business’ awareness and generate valuable new leads quickly. Direct marketing maybe the solution you are looking for.

  • Do you need to undertake direct marketing campaigns that deliver results?
  • Do you need to produce sales materials and campaigns that promote your business?

Options include:

  • Direct message creation, curation and delivery.
  • In-house or external telemarketing scripts, training and execution.
  • Prospecting database set-up and management.
  • Prospect list purchasing/rental sourcing and negotiations.
  • Regular customer communication creation, curation and delivery.
  • On-line customer services development, training and implementation.

Benefits of Direct Marketing

Direct marketing can improve the sales leads coming from your marketing spend. A highly results driven, commercially oriented direct marketer turn this into a profitable, impactful direct marketing campaign:

  • Improving direct marketing responses
    Understanding how and why your customers engage with you and your personalised campaigns.
  • Insightful proposition development
    Developing direct marketing propositions that engage you customers with a strong call to action.
  • Understandable campaign reporting and analysis
    Direct marketing should include trackable actions and reactions. These should be reported in an understandable, actionable way.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
    Increase the customer lifetime value and build long-lasting connections with customers using customer identity intelligence to implement cross-sell and up-sell strategies and loyalty programmes.
  • Build customer loyalty
    Personalised communications build trust and loyalty if undertaken correctly, if incorrectly implemented, it can do the opposite.
  • Improve customer acquisition
    Increase customer acquisition rates and reduce costs by understanding the identity and desires of your customers and prospects.
  • Engage for customer retention
    Increase customer retention by gaining identity intelligence and using this to create world-class interactions that enable long-term, profitable relationships.
  • Customer win back
    Use customer insights to understand why your customers lapsed and create world-class interactions to win your best customers back and build long-lasting, profitable relationships with them.
  • Customer journey management
    Understand how your customers fit to the customer journey, and understand how you can manipulate the journey.
  • Measuring return on marketing investment
    Successfully measure the ROMI across multiple channels and campaigns so that you can build on what works and implement marketing strategies to continually improve results.

Direct marketing can help you engage with your customers in a 1-2-1, highly personal way, so why not contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0) 203 357 3557.

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