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Writing copy for more than just information

Content marketing is the fine art of creating, curating and distributing valuable content, coupled with the science of measuring its impact on awareness, ability of lead generation and customer acquisition. It is not always about pushing a sales message!

Carefully crafted content helps your business stand out form the crowd. A famous study by research firm Yankelovich found the average person is exposed to about 5,000 ads or offers per day, so most customers will increasingly ignore your copy. This research was some years ago, and with digital feeds increasing, we are probably now looking at over 8,000 now – many of them duplicated.

Exceptional content marketing will engage and excite your customers, inducing conversation and encouraging sharing.

Fundamental Content Marketing

To be effective in content marketing, you need to start thinking as a publisher, with the emphasis on:

  • Define your critical group of buyers/decision makers.
  • Determine the information those prospects really need, and how they want to receive it.
  • Deliver this information in a way that maximises the impact on your company goals.
  • Measure and recalibrate.

Source: Eloqua – Grande Guide to B2B Content Marketing

Types of Content Marketing

Brochures – ‘old world’ content marketing delivery platform, still well liked – as someone once mentioned to me, ‘you don’t want to take your laptop to the toilet, but you can read a brochure there!’ Harsh but true.
Why not contact us to find out how we can rejuvenate your brochure content marketing, please refer to the brochure marketing pages?

Blog – a digital content marketing platform that does engage and incite customers. The important thing is to blur the lines between on- and offline media.
For help in developing an impactful blog, why not contact us today, or check out our dedicated blogging service page?

Newsletters – whether you publish your newsletter online, offline or both, a regular feed of information with well-written content is a powerful tool in your communications portfolio.
Why not contact us today to create a powerful content marketing vehicle with your company newsletter, for both on- and offline use?

Infographics – the current buzz online, but a useful content marketing tool both on- and offline. Infographics are a visual storyboard using data, and ideally suited to the attention span of Generation-Y managers.
Why not contact us today to find out how we can explode your content marketing with well-targeted infographics?

White Papers – old school content marketing again, targeting technical or problematic issues that need more intensive explanations. White papers can be delivered online, offline or both.
With our experience of creating, curating and distributing impacting white papers and presentations, why not call us today for a free quote?

Books – whether you choose an online or offline delivery, a book is an excellent content marketing tool. Someone once said that a [physical] book is the best business card you can have, as very few people throw a book away! Very true, except that a physical book can go out of date very quickly.
Having published over 70 successful books, our founder, Thom Poole can help you with the creating, curating and distributing of your book – whether you need a co-writer, or just the guidance to write, contact us today.

Audio/Video – Don’t think of content marketing as being limited to the written word. You can deliver very successful and impactful messages on audio platforms, for example, podcasts, or in video formats, either online, or sent to customers as CD or DVD presentations. For high-value, low-volume presentations, customised, interactive tablet computer presentations are now becoming popular.
For help in creating, curating and distributing your audio/visual content marketing communications, contact us today.

Content Marketing Tips

Whether you use professionals like Jack Marketing Solutions™, or undertake your content marketing programme yourself, there are some key tips for succeeding:

  • Develop some clear goals.
  • Develop targeted content – don’t just copy-paste your content into all content marketing platforms.
  • Address your audience – they do not want to hear about you, they want to understand the benefits they will enjoy.
  • Market the content – don’t expect to just find your content, publicise it.
  • Plan you content – a media plan will help you reach customers used to regular communications, but try to stay as flexible as possible.
  • Use the team resources in your company (or with professionals), don’t think you can develop all your content marketing collateral on your own – it might word for the first publication only.
  • When you’ve written your content, the work has not finished – you need to monitor and measure the impact. Should you change your focus, style or delivery?
  • One person should own the content marketing communications mix. This leads to consistency and better process. It doesn’t matter if this person is in your business or a professional you hire for the purpose.
  • Don’t force a style, but do develop a good copywriting style that will appeal to your audience, without preaching to them, or selling at them. You might want to look into journalistic content marketing styles.
  • Senior sponsorship is important, as if your board are not keen on content marketing, you will struggle to get the resources and approvals.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to create your impactful, targeted content marketing communications, on +44(0)203 357 3557.

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