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Remember the two rules of online branding signposts:

  • The customer is in control.
  • You only have seconds to communicate your brand to your customer.

We have focused on ‘online’ because it is so extreme, and modern customers increasingly expect this ‘control’ offline too.

The most critical element of crafting successful branding solutions is the immediate user experience – the first impression. You only have seconds to communicate your company’s character, products, and message to the customer before they look somewhere else.

Our branding specialists will help you to translate the attributes of your company into a marketing experience that reinforces your brand. A powerful brand defines a customer’s experience with a company, whether that experience is on- or offline.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can offer you comprehensive branding signposts for your company, brand/s and or products – on- and offline – including the following:

  • Nomenclature (naming).
  • Symbol and/or logo design.
  • Brand extensions (sub-brands, etc.).
  • Headlines and strap lines for your communications.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) development.
  • Corporate and/or brand guidelines for on- and offline use.
  • Tone of voice for all communications.

Traditionally, branding was seen as a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) activity only. Branding signposts do, however, have tangible benefits for Business-to-Business (B2B) clients too.

Branding Signposts  – Key Benefits

  • Assists the identification of preferred products.
  • Can reduce levels of perceived risk, thus improving the quality of the purchasing experience.
  • Easier to gauge the level of product quality.
  • Can reduce the time spent making product-based purchase decisions.
  • Can provide psychological reassurance or reward.
  • Provides cues about the nature of the source of the product and any associated values.

From: Chris Fill – Marketing Communications, 1999

At Jack Marketing Solutions we can also help you define your branding signposts requirementsdevelop a brief or build your brand. Contact us now to find out how we can help you release your potential.

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