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Independent global marketing research

Jack Marketing Solutions™ provides a flexible, dynamic marketing research service that provides the information, the resources and the expertise for you to make business decisions. The service improves your understanding of your customers and competitors and enhances your ability to exploit new opportunities. Unlike other marketing researchservices, we do not just offer you marketing research services alone; we translate the research findings into practical managerial and marketing policies.

We help your business get to the heart of your most difficult problems and give unambiguous advice to help you thrive. Everything we do is aimed at giving your business the intelligence to improve your performance. We know how to scope, structure and conduct any project, we have the expertise to distil the really critical business and marketing insights. Our global capabilities mean we can reach any market or sector you need to understand.

Marketing Research Approach

Qualitative Marketing Research

Our aim is always to keep things as simple as possible – but if we need to undertake detailed statistical analysis, we’ve got people who you can count on. Time-series analyses, correspondence analysis, cluster and factor analysis, correlations, trade-offs, neural networks and frontier analysis are among the techniques we can apply.

But no matter how sophisticated the analysis, we never lose sight of the need to communicate our findings clearly and simply. The adage we use is, would your grandmother understand it?

Quantitative Marketing Research

Our network of moderators and interviewers speak with everyone from C-level decision-makers to some of the most vulnerable people in society, and everyone in between.

Often we still undertake marketing research the old-fashioned way – talking to people face-to-face, or over the phone. But with our digital heritage, we’re also enthusiastic about new ways of communicating, using online solutions like bulletin boards, Skype, diaries and discussion groups, etc.


What if you want to do the marketing research yourself? That is no problem for us, we can offer you:

  • Co-ordinating the marketing research brief.
  • Targeting the right audience.
  • Training your interviewers and moderators.
  • Analysing the results.

Please contact us today on +44(0)203 357 3557, for more information on how we can help undertake your marketing research and release your potential.

Glossary: ACORN, Ad-hoc Surveys, AIDA, Aided Recall, AIMRI, AIUAPR, APOP, Attitude Structure Analysis, Audience, Brand Essence, Brand Personality, Brief, B2B Research, BUPPIE, CAPI, CATI, Challenge-Response System, Closed-Ended Question, Cold Call, Competitor Analysis, Customer Attitude, DINKY, DMU, Demographic Data, Desk Research, Dichotomous Question, Double Blind Test, Econometric Modelling, ERG, ERN, ESOMAR, Factor Analysis, Focus Groups, Focus Group Discussion, Follow-up Call, Generation X, Generation Y, Generation Z, GLAM, GUPPIE, Interview, Interviewer, IQCS, JUPPIE, Kidults, Laboratory Experiments, LARIA, Market Research, Market Research Brief, MROC, MRQSA, MRS, Marketing Research, Marketing Research Mix, Maslow, MORI, MOSAIC, Multiple Choice Questions, Mystery Shopping, NILKIE, Nonresponse Error, Nth Sample, OINK, Omnibus Research, OPAL, Open Ended Questions, ORCHID, PANSES, Perception, Perception Map, Pester Power, POSTAR, Primary Data, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research, RAJAR, RAPPIES, Research Report, Secondary Data, Self Completion Survey, SINBAD, SINDI, Single Coded Questions, SITCOM, SRA, SUPPIES, Telephone Interviewing, TINKIE, Tweenagers, VALS, WAPOR, WOOF, WOOPIES, YAPPIES, YOOFS, YUPPIE, ZUPPIE

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