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Print strategy development is key to optimising your print budgets, audience reach and print collateral, and Jack Marketing Solutions™ has been involved in marketing print strategy development, internationally, for many years, with great emphasis on links to the markets the companies operate in.

We regard this as a major strength for our company. We have a strong ability to understand your company’s vision, and convert this into a marketing vision – combining the different competitive prioritiesresource constraints and issues, and many other influencers on an integrated media strategy.

We can offer a number of different print strategy solutions to suit your requirements, including:

  • General print strategies.
  • Print development strategies.
  • Direct Marketing strategies.
  • General marketing communications strategies.
  • Fulfilment strategies.

strong, clear print strategy enables faster and more effective decisions to be taken, allows greater buy-in across the business, and enables a framework to coordinate all other work. The strategy is developed in such as way as it can be updated on a regular basis, as an active part of the culture.

Any strategy developed with you by Jack Marketing Solutions™ will be underpinned by common sensedeliverability and will be easy to explain and illustrate to potential stakeholders.

To do this, we need to look at the core ‘purpose’ behind the print strategy to develop the right print mix, and looking further a field, to a fully integrated marketing strategy.

For example, it may be as simple as defining the core needs of a consumer print strategy into the key purposes of SupportDiscovery and Acquisition. It may be about defining the right balance for the business between communicationculture, and community.

Print Strategy – Key Benefits

  • Longer-term visions give guidance to all marketing and business activities.
  • Combines developmentlaunchcommunication and new product development policies.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, and help you define and develop your print strategy. Contact us now to find out how we can help release your potential.

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