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Poster marketing provides high-impact, local advertising, and Jack Marketing Solutions™ can provide unique and affordable poster and PVC banner designs. We produce high impact posters that get attention and have great prices for quality PVC banners. During the poster and banner design process, we work closely with you at every stage of the development process. We pay close attention to your objectives, the graphics and the content of your posters.

Poster Marketing Design Process

Posters are another way of communicating your information. They are best used as an aid to a discussion and should only represent the essence of your topic. Remember – less is more. Here are some elements to do’s with regard to poster and banner design:

  • Start by writing down everything you would like to have on your poster, keeping in mind who your target audience is.
  • Sketch your poster on a piece of paper, adding all the different sections and headings you would like to cover in your poster as well as the text. Let someone proofread for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Example for headings are:
    • Title (the audience will view this first).
    • Introduction.
    • Problem statement.
    • Method.
    • Results.
    • Recommendations.
    • Conclusion.
  • Eliminate any poster “noise”. Remember you have less than 3 seconds to get the attention of your audience. Poster noise happens when you add irrelevant or unnecessary information to your poster, e.g. information your audience might already know, etc. – this will depend on your target audience (colleagues, other specialists in this field, general public, etc.).
  • Have some attention grabbers on your poster. Seeing that you don’t have a lot of time to get the attention of your audience you need to make a quick impact, e.g. a catching and interesting statement, photographs, graphics, colours, layout, etc. – all of these play a role in attracting your audience.
  • When you have finished your final design on paper, you can start designing it on the computer.

Or you can get us to work with you and do the hard work – so find out how we can help you make your mark in your local marketplace with targeted poster marketing.

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