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It is vitally important for businesses to keep in touch with customers, sending out information via newsletters on changesactivities, new promotionsproducts and offers on a regular basis.

Sending out a regular newsletter brings in business from existing customers by highlighting new products, applications and reminding them of the relationship. It can also request [almost] immediate feedback and up-sell or cross-sellopportunities.

Newsletters are also a useful and free means of accessing new customers – engaging with them before a commercial relationship starts.

Combining your newsletters with your customer database for email delivery is a very cheap and interactive means of engagement. In line with most email marketing benefits, it is also possible for a business to segment and personalise the newsletter to increase its relevance.

Using newsletters to link to a business website also has the benefit of increasing traffic – a factor that search engines like as an indication of popularity. Combining personalised newsletter links with dynamic (or even personalised) landing pages.

The key is to create eye-catching graphicsengaging copy and fully integrated links and clickable information to get closer to your customer base. A good newsletter will compliment your marketing strategy for your email campaign, based on what you are looking to achieve, e.g. more website traffic, higher conversion rates, etc.

Newsletter Solutions

Jack Marketing Solutions™ offers a comprehensive newsletter creation, delivery and tracking service that brings your business tangible and immediate benefits:

  • Identify the newsworthy
    A newsletter should be currentup to date and newsworthy to create an immediate impact.
  • Newsletter design
    The newsletter should be eye catchingeasy to read, and if emailed, a small file so that it downloads quickly.
  • Copywriting
    There is always a dilemma for newsletter writers, combining the technical and marketing needs with the journalistic requirements to create the easy-to-read and scanable copy.
  • Newsletter delivery
    Whether your newsletter is printed and mailed/given to customers, or sent electronically to a mailing list, the delivery needs to be managed to maximise the impact and engagement.
  • Tracking
    Do you know what content engages customers best? Do you know when the best time is to send out your newsletter? What about the most receptive customers? Tracking all these (and more) factors mean that successes can be repeatedfailures avoided in the future.

Your Benefits

Newsletters give you tangible benefits:

  • Personalised customer relations.
  • Increased customer engagement.
  • Increased awareness – of the brand, products and offers.
  • Calls to action – signing up to something, sales, visits. This can be enhanced by the use of vouchers and coupons.
  • Build trust and an improved relationship with your customers.
  • Understand the dynamics of that relationship.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to maximise the reach and impact to your newsletters.

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