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A picture speaks a thousand words – we all know that! A good picture can relay complex information quickly, with ‘readers’ taking different details from the same image. This is where the ‘infographic’ comes in.

The eyes are said to be an extension of the brain, and over half of the population are visual learners – namely displaying a preference towards learning from visual stimuli. Considering this, publishers and businesses can benefit from engaging customers visually, transferring, coherent and visual information, quickly and interestingly.

What Is An Infographic?

An infographic, short for “information graphic”, is just a graphic, visual representation of data, knowledge, or information. With our current “information overload”, infographics have become a popular way of displaying complex information or data in a way that is easily understood and shared by people.

Designing Infographics

OK, so an infographic is relatively simple to put together – there are software packages that can help you, but it can be time consuming. The trick is not putting some pictures together; the trick is making the complex, simple and compelling.

The average infographic design process is:

  • Identification of the issue/message.
  • Collection of the data – what you want to say (approximately).
  • Brainstorm the theme, content and colours.
  • Design of the graphics and images.
  • Delivery mechanisms and sharing options.
  • Plan the delivery and tracking.
  • Execution.
  • Reporting.

Social Media Interaction

Jack Marketing Solutions™ links your infographics to other delivery networks – allowing your customers (existing and potential) to share the infographic for their information, education and entertainment.

Our service creates infographics that appeal to the sharing community on a range of social media networks. We leverage the power of our customers’ accounts on the various social media platforms to publish and push your piece to every corner of the social media universe, and every corner of the world.

We seed the social media networks with the infographic initially, but the real power lays in the reach of an extended network – the more impactful the infographic, the further the message could go.

Benefits of Infographics Marketing

There are many, varied benefits for a company’s marketing channels using infographics. The benefits depend on the objectives and your customer demographics, but can include:

  • Increased traffic to your website or social media pages.
  • Increased volume of ‘natural’ links – the ones that the search engines prefer.
  • Social media reach (and extended reach).
  • Customer engagement & sales (depending on your objectives).
  • Increased buzz around the brand and/or products.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to maximise the reach and impact to your infographics.

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