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Catalogue printing is a great marketing technique to expand your marketing reach and Jack Marketing Solutions™ has a long history of catalogue design work, on- and offline. Our workflow processes are geared up to optimum catalogue printing and brochure design. We also have access to digital photographic studio houses allowing for highly productive multiple shoots where required.

We specialise in producing catalogue designs for companies requiring high-end photography and design – catalogue designs that require thought and care to produce. Our policy is to take the time to understand your company’s products, business objectives and target market to ensure the success of the catalogue design.

Rules of Catalogue Printing Design

  • Density – Look how easy it is when everything is exactly the same size and has the same number of images per spread.
  • Typeface – Choose a standard typeface; if it has been good for years, it’ll be good for the future. But for web-catalogues, remember computers have a limited standard set of fonts.
  • Photos – You may well get one more photo on a page, but it will often overload it, so we avoid photo cramming for clean, functional design with usable white space.
  • Understandable Layout – Keep thing simple and standardised – your customers will find what they want then.
  • Avoid Clutter – Sometimes it can feel like a puzzle, fitting all the pieces together because they really didn’t fit right in the first place.
  • Use of colour – Background tints are fine, but sparing use of coloured text and ‘Sales’ splashes are fine, but don’t put them all on one page.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you make your mark in your marketplace with your catalogue printing.

Glossary: Accordion Insert, Ambient Media, Awareness, Body Copy, Centre Spread, Collateral, Copy Brief, Copy Testing, Copywriter, Copywriting, Creative, Double Truck, Front Matter, Galley Proof, Gate Fold, Gutter, Layout, Leading, Masthead, Mechanical, Pass-Along Readers, Spread, Style Guide, Subheads, Typography, White Space

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