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Brochure printing is key in marketing communications and Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you design and develop bespoke brochure and flyers that have great impact to your customers.

We pride ourselves on our creativity, but the most important part of design is to understand your objectives. Our designers are briefed by you with each project to ensure that they can evaluate and plan the project before starting the design process and brochure printing.

Good design will help build your brand and increase sales whether you’re setting up a new business or increasing your marketing activities. We involve you in the design process, presenting our creative ideas as they are developed and working together to deliver the perfect result.

The JMS™ Brochure Printing Offer

Jack Marketing Solutions™ simple 4 step process ensures your new brochure printing process will hit the mark. And with excellent customer support and great designers, you’re guaranteed to have a great experience and get a brochure that has excellent performance.

Step 1: You contact us to discuss brochure printing. There are a number of layout formats (see below), and we can identify which is best for you. Also think about die-cuts, embossing, etc. to give your brochure extra pep!

Step 2: We’ll send you an estimate that spells out exactly what you can expect and what it will cost. There are no hidden costs, so what you see is what you’ll get.

Step 3: Once you accept, we’ll get started on your design concepts. You’ll see the first brochure design ideas very quickly, and will be involved every step of the way.

Step 4: Once the design is finalised, we’ll send you a link to completed electronic version that you can then use as a download for your website or as an attachment in emails. If you need your new brochure printed, we can do that too!For more information on brochure printing and how you can release your potential, contact us today for a free quote.

Glossary: Accordion Insert, Ambient Media, Awareness, Body Copy, Centre Spread, Collateral, Copy Brief, Copy Testing, Copywriter, Copywriting, Creative, Double Truck, Front Matter, Galley Proof, Gate Fold, Gutter, Layout, Leading, Masthead, Mechanical, Pass-Along Readers, Spread, Style Guide, Subheads, Typography, White Space

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