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Regular customer contact and updates

Newsletter marketing isn’t a new phenomenon – offline versions have been distributed for decades. The cost of writingdesigningprinting and posting a high quality newsletter has however meant it wasn’t a viable option for many businesses.

Things have changed thanks to e-mail distribution and emergence of e-mail newsletters (also known as e-newsletters or enewsletters) that can be produced quickly and cost-effectively, and distributed even by the smallest of businesses in any quantity needed.

If you get it right and newsletter marketing can be highly effective method of maintaining regular contact with your customers and prospects. This can help your business stay ‘front of mind’, so customers choose your brand over another when they buy. A well-produced and timed e-newsletter can strengthen your relationship with customers, encouraging them to liketrust and remain loyal to your business.

Newsletters are not perceived in the same way that other direct marketing collateral is. They are often perceived as informative ‘newspapers’ rather than sales and propaganda publications. It is important not to change this perception! Newsletters work well because they tend to be read as informationals, making them more welcomed when they are received. As such they have higher readership than other forms of advertising.

customer newsletter is the strongest marketing and business-building tool available. The magic of newsletters as an effective marketing tool is that customers often don’t realise they’re actually reading something that has a powerful call to action – if the newsletter is done correctly.

Why chose newsletter marketing strategies?

If newsletter marketing has fallen out of favour at your organisation, overshadowed by other marketing initiatives, there are several reasons to give newsletters another look.

  • Different channels for different audiences
    Your audience will prefer different means of communications, but newsletters can fight on a number of fronts. You can send newsletters by poste-mailarchived them on your website, serialise them with tweets and Facebook links and allow customers to find and sign up for them on your site. Print them out and give them as ‘leave-behinds’ at sales presentations or trade shows.
  • Nurturing prospect into buying customer
    Newsletter marketing is an effective way to build a relationship with a prospect, nurturing them until they become a buying customer.
  • Stay front of mind
    The purchase is the beginning of the process, and the relationship will grow as long as you keep nurturing it. Marketing newsletters can do that, keeping you top of mind until its time for another – or different – purchase.
  • Social sharing
    People share informative content! A newsletter can provide shareable content, or be the shared media itself.
  • Build your newsletter distribution list ethically
    Sending anything to complete strangers is spam. In business communications, you are permitted to ‘introduce’ yourself, but build ethical lists through a desire for the information.
  • Resist the urge for the hard sell
    If you just bombard customers with the hard sell, you will turn your customers off, fast. Be informativecollaborative and social – it may be slightly slower, but will pay dividends in the long run.
  • Let customers tell you what content they want
    If you want to communicate what your customer’s want, why not let them tell you.
  • Be as professional as possible
    If your newsletter looks too flashy, it may be regarded as a brochure. Too amateur and it will impact your relationship.
  • Be ready for a response
    Your newsletter marketing campaign should generate comments or feedback, so be prepared for that. There is nothing worse than a long pause between the question/comment and response.
  • Measure the success of your newsletter marketing campaign
    Do you know how often customers open your newsletter? Do you know which subject lines work? Do you know which articles they read? (Tracking works best with e-newsletters, but you can ask in offline communications).

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