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Placing your adverts for maximum impact

Our job is to identify the right media advertising mix to provide you with effective customer engagement that delivers against your business objectives. By planning and buying across a whole spectrum of media, we identify the right media mix to connect you with your new or existing customers.

We have developed strong relationships with suppliers across the advertising industry. Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you with all your traditional media buying requirements thanks to our trusted strategy development.

By staying on top of new developments in media, and with the recent increase in online media channels, Jack Marketing Solutions™ also have search specialists able to increase your online status, social media strategists who can look after your brand awareness and customer engagement.

We can also provide a range of international services includes:

  • Strategic media planning and implementation.
  • Pan-regional media buying.
  • Market data analysis.
  • Competitive activity analysis.
  • Media Account Management.

Media Planning

We start the media planning by using a combination of world-class research techniques, deep experience and analysis is to determine with you who your most desirable customers are. We can then determine the best media to fulfil potential customers’ engagement. This is the media planning of a campaign; we ‘plan’ advertising campaignsthat reach your intended audiences, with the minimum wastage.

Stage two involves working alongside your creative agencies, to design the advertisements. We manage the interaction between the agencies, and take responsibility to get the adverts on to the relevant media. Leading us onto what we call media buying.

Media Buying

During the buying stage, we work with local experts to negotiate the best possible rates with media owners for the space or airtime. Because we link to the largest media buying agencies in the world, we can source media at incredibly competitive prices. It will, however, always be the most cost-effective, and valuable media for your business and your customers.

Please contact us today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to talk to us about the media planning and buying solutions for your business.

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