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Planning to get you message to the right people, at the right time in the right manner

Your customers need to hear about your products or services, and planning to get the right message across to them is vital for the success of your business.

Marketing communications (Marcoms) strategies help formulate how, when, to whom and how often of your marketing communications.

The Four Pillars of Marketing Communications

Using a simple model, we can cover the four elements of marketing communications strategy, using a simple ABCD methodology (Source: Mike West –

  • Audience – you should use extensive data and analytics to understand your target audience segment/s. Creating personas of your core customers including demographic and lifestyle information will help optimise your marketing communications targeting strategy.
  • Brand – your product/service must have a unique selling proposition (USP) to provide a competitive advantage. You should deliver superior added value for the audience and be clearly differentiated on features, service or price.
  • Content – because most of your competitors using the same marketing communications strategies targeting the same consumer segments, content can now become a point of competitive differentiation. When you supply value-added content you provide consumers a reason to engage with your brand and connect your products/services.
  • Delivery – ideally you should be connecting new digital media channels with traditional channels to create a push-pull marketing system. Consumers must become engaged with the media. To achieve this ensure the content is linked to your brand positioning to make the emotional connection with your product/services.

It’s all about impact!

Whilst we often look at marketing communications in relation to silos of techniques, namely digital marketingtraditional marketingpublicityfield marketing, etc., it is important that the communications strategy should look holistically and deliver an integrated marketing communications strategy.

As a result, we will work with you to develop clearmeasurable communications strategies that benefit your business and engage your customers. In this vein, we recommend reviewing your customer lifetime value and the customer and product lifecycles. Different messages are required at different times and in different formats.

Call us today to work out the best marketing communications strategy for your business.

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