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Exhibitions and events are valuable for a business as they allow face-to-face communication with suppliers, customers (old & new) and prospective employees – offering opportunities for networking.

Exhibitions enable you to meet the people that matter to your business in one place, including existing customers, new prospects, suppliers, advisers, investors and key figures in your industry. They can also provide a means for proving thought leadership as many exhibitions also combine conferences or seminars.

The Benefits Of Exhibitions

Customers often go to exhibitions prepared to give their time and attention to the sales & marketing presented to them, and are often ready to trade. Because you meet the customers, it is also fairly easy to identify potential timewasters, thus focusing your resources.

Face-to-face meetings allow you to have a meaningful conversation with customers, presenting and demonstrating your products and services, marrying them to your customers’ needs. You can use exhibitions to carry out valuable market research, including evaluating your competitors.

Trade shows (another form of exhibition) attract qualified visitors and many often identify buying responsibility – an audience that can be elusive at other times, and they will have done their homework beforehand.

Consumer shows can be a great way to launch a new business or product – demonstrating your solution/s to a large audience. Press attention and the power of word of mouth means that you can create a real buzz about your product or service.

Promoting Your Exhibition Presence

So you plan to exhibit, what do you need to do next?

The exhibition marketing process involves:

  • Identification of the best fit exhibitions for your business and customers.
  • Set the objectives – do you have sales targets, registration targets, etc.?
  • Brainstorm the theme, content and colours of your stand and exhibition collateral.
  • Design of the graphics and images.
  • Build the hype – inform your market of your presence and how they can meet you there.
  • Plan the entertainment – demonstrations, parties, competitions, etc.
  • Tracking – plan what you will track, how…, by whom.
  • Reporting.

Social Media Interaction

Jack Marketing Solutions™ links your exhibition collateral to other delivery networks – allowing your customers (existing and potential) to share the information with others – spreading the word and building the buzz.

Our service creates social buzz that appeals to the sharing community on a range of social media networks. We leverage the power of our customers’ accounts on the various social media platforms to publish and push your piece to every corner of the social media universe, and every corner of the world.

The JMS Exhibition Marketing Service

Our exhibition service to you includes:

  • Planning & organisation.
  • Work the details – the small things could make or break your exhibition presence.
  • Create the marketing – pre-show, during the show, post-show, social media & buzz marketing.
  • Build the exhibition team.
  • Project manage the process and people.
  • Negotiate the partnerships – stand builders, stand staff, venues, etc.
  • Collate the data and evaluate the results.
  • Making the exhibition fun.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to maximise the reach and impact to your exhibitions and events.

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