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Exhibition Resource Management is vital for the success of an exhibition or trade show. <i>Jack Marketing Solutions™ has had many years experience – both good and bad – of exhibiting at exhibitions and trade shows. We can help you determine your strategy, the resources you need to realise that strategy.

For example – 95% of visitors ask for sales literature or information from exhibitors. This literature is often expensive, so distributing it at the show is not cost effective. Sadly, 65% of all literature collected from exhibitors is thrown away almost immediately. So how do you make an impact with your resources without overstretching your budgets?

The JMS Exhibition Resource Marketing offer

With our experience, we can help you define your strategy (please see the strategy page), and based on this, we can determine the target audience and the best materials and resources for you to achieve your objectives. This can include your staffing policies, the literature, etc.

Let Jack Marketing Solutions™ guide your to exhibition resource success.

Glossary: Corporate Identity, Marketing Communications, Marketing Mix, Unique Selling Proposition (USP))

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