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Because we understand websites and Web marketing, we have set up a sister company – Jack Computing Solutions™ – to offer you a website hosting solution.

What is a host?

website host is a service provider that places your website on a computer that is connected to the Internet. This then gives people who surf the Internet a way to access your website. The computer that the website hostingcompany uses is typically just like the computer you have at home, the only difference being that it is set up to serve up websites and is therefore called a “server“.

A website host will typically have a fast connection to the Internet and they may host thousands of websites on many servers. Website hosting essentially rents out space to you so that you can get your website up on the world wide web.

The Jack Computing™ Website Hosting Solution

Your website will have its own FTP access (allowing you to load your site up, and maintain it, at your convenience), POP3 e-mail accounts, forwarding addresses and webmail, provision for Web databases and for running specialist codes. We can also offer you a customer-centric Website design solutions.

Website Hosting – Key Benefits

  • More control over your website.
  • Affordableunderstandable hosting.
  • Assistance available for your Web marketing.

For details of our packages, and to order Website hosting space, please visit Jack Computing Solutions™.

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