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With Jack Marketing Solutions’™ long standing association with the Internet and having built a reputation for building simpleaccessible and functional websites.

Your website is there to achieve certain goals, be it selling productssupporting activities, products or services, or offering visitors entertainment. We can help you to entice your customers to the website (again and again) to allow you to interact with them and derive the actions you require.

Whilst we no longer develop websites ourselves, we have the expertise to get the most out of a range of specialist developers to deliver exactly what you need to excel in your business.

Our experience shows that there are normally two types of web developers: the technology coders, who will create a superior functionality with little regard for the customer experience or search engine interaction. The other type is the graphic designer: they create beautiful websites, often with flawed coding (not necessarily wrong, but not always clean), and still little regard for the customer experience.

Our approach has always been with the customer experience as the number 1 consideration, and the marketing optimisation as the secondary consideration. We have ensured that the technology meets the requirements of your customers, and achieves your business objectives.

The partners we have now engaged to build websites for you meet the requirements of best-in-class technical, coupled with our partners in graphic design, and led by our desire to meet your customer’s and your businesses objectives.

Website Design – Key Benefits

  • Improved marketing channel for your customer interactions.
  • Accessible medium for salesinformation and customer support.
  • Increased repeat visits.
  • Better visitor/sales conversion ratios.
  • Better search engine listings.
  • Increased accessibility and therefore eliminating exclusions.
  • Learning mechanism to understand your customers.

We can also offer you an audit to achieve the WAI standards, the internationally recognised criteria that assess your website’s accessibility.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, helping you define your requirements and develop a brief. Please contact us now to find out how we can help release your Website design potential.

To download our Website design brochure, please click on the logo 

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