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With our track record on the Internet, we can help you develop and execute your Web strategy, whether you want to inform and interact with your customers online, or provide a full e-Commerce website to sell your products and services – Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you.

We can offer a range of services including:

  • Web design planning and execution (please see the dedicated page).
  • e-Commerce planning and development (please see the dedicated page).
  • Staff training workshops (please see the dedicated page).
  • Digital marketing (please see the dedicated page).

We offer Web design courses for beginners, advanced developers and e-marketers, including a new course on accessibility and developing for Accessibility (DDA) compliance.

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategies

Marketing is, or should be a holistic discipline, and the most effective communications channels currently are:

  • Content marketing – to drive mindshare:
    Content marketing takes many forms: news, videos, ebooks, white papers, case studies, infographics, photo galleries, webinars and even blog posts.
    Provide useful information to potential customers even though they may not be ready to buy just yet. People thoroughly research most purchases online before making a decision and by providing entertaining or educational content for them to use and enjoy, your brand can gain recognition and mindshare as a go-to source of valuable information.
  • Use video – to drive engagement:
    Video puts a human face on your brand and offerings. A one or two minute video can explain your product’s advantages and benefits faster than a visitor can read about it on your website, and is great a building and maintaining trust.
  • Mobile is critical for communication:
    People are constantly on their smartphones and tablets and having mobile-optimised content is a must for every business. Whether you offer a branded app that delivers useful data or services to your customers; the ability to accept payment via mobile device at your point of sale or even just a mobile-optimised version of your website that displays well on small screens – being able to cater your content to smartphones means your prospects can access information on your business anytime, anywhere.

Web Strategy – Key Benefits

  • Provides longer-term vision to help guide all your Web marketing and business activities.
  • Identifies the resource gaps for developing and maintaining the website you deserve.

Our Web design management service can also offer you bespoke websites to meet your customer and business needs.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, helping you define your requirements and develop a brief. To find out how we can help you make the most out of your web presence, please contact us now to find out how we can help you release your Web strategy potential.

To download our Web strategy brochure, please click on the logo 

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