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Optimise your website

There is so much talk of Search Engine Optimisation, but this is more likely to deliver Algorisms over optimisation for machines rather than humans. We prefer to look at web performance optimisation (WPO). It is similar to SEO in that optimising web performance drives more traffic to your website. But WPO goes even further – it improves the user experienceincreases revenue, and reduces operating costs.

Speed is the most important feature. If your website loads slowly, people won’t use it. Every second counts, and web performance optimisation is a holistic evaluation to eliminate digital bottlenecks.

Optimisation targets

The areas we feel are important, and therefore identified in the web performance optimisation solutions are:

  • Speed is a differentiator
    Performance is a major consideration in your customer’s purchase decisions.
  • Slim, accessible coding by default
    The technology has led many companies to develop very large page sizes, slowing their load speed. The technology can, however, be lightweight and accessible.
  • Mobile
    Mobile performance is still underdeveloped. This highly personal channel will be ignore if it is not optimised for your customer.
  • Visibility in the browser
    We need to understand which parts of your website are slow so that we can cure the problem. This means that all aspects of your site and message should be visible and accessible.
  • Consolidation
    Many web and digital marketing activities around web performance tools, metrics, and services have been disjointed for too long. Performance metrics must be consolidated across technology, finance and marketing.
  • Web technology
    The network will continue to be optimised, but your website must be kept up-to-date to make use of these changes.
  • Standards
    Compliance with web performance standards is vital for web performance optimisation.
  • Data & insight
    Monitoring performance and finding new performance opportunities requires data mining. The better your insights, the greater your web performance.

Web performance optimisation benefits

  • More conversions
    That means more sales, more registrations, more pages viewed per visit, etc.
  • Provide better service
    Focus on the user and improve their experience and get higher customer engagement.
  • High organic ranking
    Users are fickle and reward quickly and so do search engines. They also penalise quickly (quicker than the search engines).
  • Improved Quality Score
    Your PPC campaigns will benefit from better scores.

Why not contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to discover what web performance optimisation can do for you.

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