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Display your video marketing on YouTube

YouTube is a vital channel in online video delivery, and getting your YouTube marketing right is vital for reaching your target audience. YouTube is engaging ever more customers online and on mobile, and its popularity is driving vast amounts of traffic to other websites.

Video content is performing extremely well on search engines, especially Google, which is unsurprising as they own YouTube. There are a number of methods to engage with YouTube, and we can help you exploit the most appropriate one for your customers.

YouTube marketing – What skills do I need?

To create videos that will be worth your audience’s time, you need to have these skills covered – we can help you with some or all of these:

  • Storytelling and scriptwriting.
  • Editing.
  • Composition.
  • Networking.
  • Basic SEO skills to be found.

YouTube marketing methodology

  • Target your audience:
     your YouTube marketing on the audience that are directly within your target demographic (age, gender, location) and who watch, comment and rate videos like your own.
  • Create appropriate content:
    Make sure the message is appropriate to your audience, in the quality they expect – shaky, hand-held video may not be appropriate!
  • Set up a YouTube channel:
    You can set up or even sponsor a YouTube channel as a destination for viewers. Sponsoring a channel will give you an instant audience, though it does need a good budget and you have little control over the content.
  • Upload a trailer:
    Feature a trailer that displays only when non-subscribers visit your channel to show off the content and encourage viewers to subscribe.
  • Link to social networks:
    Don’t just rely on YouTube – link the video content on other social networks and extend your reach.

YouTube should be key to your video marketing strategy, so why not let Jack Marketing Solutions™ help you maximise your YouTube marketing impact.

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