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Your marketing in movies

The future of online marketing with video – video marketing is increasingly engaging the Generation Y business leaders. Online and mobile video is increasingly being watched by customers, but leveraging this as a B2B tool has been slower.

The solution is to use video marketing tools to help you create online videos, deliver them to your customers via e-mailsocial media and other channels, drive sales conversions, and track your video interactions.

Good video marketing can deliver:

  • Increased inbound sales against conventional e-mail campaigns by c. 50%.
  • Increased website sales by c. 12%.
  • Improved dwell time by approx. 4.3 times.
  • Improved click through by c. 30% via offline advertising.

It is not a matter of if you should be marketing with video; it’s just a matter of finding the best and most effective way to do it. Your competitors are using video so don’t get left behind!

The value of video marketing

  • Improved customer engagement:
    Video as a medium, forces customers into a linear engagement with the message as opposed the dip-in/dip-out offered by image and text adverts.
    With video, the experience is more immediate using a process of story-telling. This evokes an emotional response before a logical one.
  • Increased brand awareness:
    Video can recreate the experience of being face to face with someone much better than through audio, image or text. This is important for branding, as it allows you to display a “human-side” more effectively.
  • Better search engine optimisation:
    Video marketing is extremely good for SEO, as it provides benefits such as:
    • More traffic as Google promotes rich media, including a thumbnail of your video.
    • Improved conversions as video marketing is seen to further trust and engagement.
    • Build more profitable links as visitors share your video, and spend longer viewing them.
    • Video search engine ranking, giving an additional source of search traffic.

Video marketing planning

Planning in video marketing is just as important as in any other form of marketing communications, and a useful acronym is PRACE:

  • P
      Plan – create a robust business case, and make sure that you can measure its success.
  • R
     – identify your audience, and how you can get in front of them.
  • A
     – produce and distribute your video marketing on all available media.
  • C
     – use all available tools to convert your viewers into paying customers.
  • E
     –  create customer engagement campaigns that integrate with other media.
  • R
     – use the appropriate tools and services to makehost and share your videos.

For details on how Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you maximise your video marketing impact – call us today on +44(0)203 397 3557.

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