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Social Media Networking in Business

MySpace is primarily a social networking website, but there is latitude for small businesses to market and promote in different ways.

Each social network has its own kind of community, with local style, expectations and rules. MySpace is one of the free-wheeling, messier ones. You should look around and get comfortable before you start promoting on it.

However, the MySpace “terms of service” prohibits commercial activities. Nevertheless, there are ways to promote and marketing your business.

MySpace best practices for businesses


  1. Centre your “Friends” and “Comments” section.
  2. Link to your business website.
  3. Use your business logo for your default MySpace profile image.
  4. Don’t use an acronym or abbreviation for your MySpace profile name.
  5. Don’t “Add” a song to your organisation’s MySpace profile, unless your business is to do with music.
  6. Don’t hide your comments or friends section.
  7. Make sure your contact table is working correctly.
  8. Reserve a MySpace Vanity URL that matches your website’s URL.
  9. Don’t embed videos that plays upon load – this eats bandwidth and is intrusive.
  10. Don’t disable HTML comments.
  11. Use MySpace to drive your friends to other social networking sites.
  12. Limit images to 180 pixels on the left of your MySpace, 445 pixels on the right of your MySpace.
  13. Tap into the hundreds of free MySpace Profile Editors.
  14. Create a unique email address for your MySpace profile and all other social networking sites.
  15. Don’t set your age to be 13-17 years old.
  16. Add the “Twitter Badge” widget to your profile, if applicable.
  17. Upgrade to Profile 2.0 if you don’t know HTML.


  1. Post comment images that are no larger than 600 pixels in width.
  2. Use the “New Birthdays!” function to wish your friends a happy birthday.
  3. Regularly post comments.
  4. Link to your business website in comments.
  5. Use the “New Friends” function.


  1. Link to your business website in bulletins.
  2. Post 1-2 bulletins per day.
  3. Use a bulletin signature.
  4. Every couple of days delete previously posted bulletins.


  1. Use your blog to inspire support and action.
  2. Post a blog announcing your MySpace Group.
  3. Post a blog asking your friends to create a fundraising page for your business.
  4. When posting blogs, use the “Tell us what…” and “Current Mood” functions.
  5. Post a blog entitled “If we are in your top friends, please let us know!”
  6. Use the HTML function when posting blogs.
  7. Promote your MySpace Blog using RSS.
  8. Promote your MySpace Blog on your Facebook Page.
  9. Feature a “Blog of the Month” in your bulletin signature.


  1. Invest the time and energy in acquiring “Friends”.
  2. Feature 40 top friends.
  3. Update your “Friend Status” two or three times a week.
  4. Browse for “Friends” by location.
  5. Engage your friends with polls.


  1. Create a MySpace Group for your business or brand.


  1. Add the i-Think App.
  2. Add the “Happy Flickr” App.
  3. Add the iTwitter App.
  4. Add the YouTube Favourites App.


  1. Link to your MySpace profile on your business website.
  2. Embrace the chaos that is MySpace.
  3. Back up your MySpace HTML code.
  4. Let go of your fear of MySpace.
  5. Do not classify your profile on “Private”.
  6. Don’t waste your time with introduction emails.
  7. Pressure “Top Artists” on MySpace to be your friends.
  8. Use MySpace to drive individuals to your e-advocacy campaigns.
  9. Put your MySpace URL in your email signature.
  10. Use MySpace to build your e-newsletter mailing list.
  11. Disable the “Require CAPTCHA” for Friend Requests, Email and Comments to encourage easier communications (you will get more spam this way though).
  12. Use the MySpace Calendar.
  13. Share banners on your MySpace so your friends can promote your business.
  14. Send friend requests to the “MySpace Impact Awards” and “A Place for Impact”.
  15. Promote your MySpace profile on your Facebook page.
  16. Participate in MySpace Forums.
  17. Post Classified Ads on MySpace.
  18. Download the MySpace Tool Bar.

MySpace for business is difficult, so let Jack Marketing Solutions™ help you define your social media marketing strategy for MySpace.

Glossary: HTML, MySpace, Social Media, Twitter, URL, YouTube

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