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Community marketing engagement tool

Social media is still regarded as a new type of marketing, but it is still marketing. Its essence is the requirement to engage and connect with customers in interactive dialogues.

Deciding how to use social marketing channels for your business is crucial to the development of your marketing plan. The normal assumption is to sign up for all the social marketing channels available. But, this isn’t always the best approach for every business. Signing up for multiple social marketing channels only means that it will cost you more time to manage and require more tailored content development for each social marketing channel.

Based on your business goals, you can determine who and where your target audience is. Considering this, sign up for social marketing channels that are relevant to the demographics you’re targeting and that are relevant to your goals.

Social data mountain

Social media is often referred to by marketers as a “gold mine” of customer data – it provides us with rich data, including our customers’ interestshobbies, and online behaviours, gathered and collated through social marketing channels to develop a more complete customer profile. This information could be considered the “backbone” of their direct marketing strategy.

The goal of social marketing channel management is:

  • To integrate traditional and new media marketing efforts into one co-ordinated, effective marketing activity.
  • To tap into social media to improve awareness and understanding of your customers in aggregated and individual levels.
  • To exploit customer insights to match your customers to your marketing messages and offers across inbound and outbound; on- and offline marketing campaigns.
  • To execute campaigns across multiple channels, keeping your message consistent, and your data clean.

Social marketing channel analytics enables you to compare the reach and engagement metrics across multiple social marketing channels. Equally, analytics will reveal engagement patterns such as volume and demographics by social marketing channel, including Facebook “likes,” YouTube views and Twitter followers, etc.

So if you are looking for an expert to help you decide which social marketing channels fit your business plan, call Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 357 3557.

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