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Social media has made a huge difference to the online landscape, and for online marketing campaigns. If it done well, a social media campaign can make a business, if undertaken poorly, could destroy them!

Social media marketing (SMM) can be a great asset for your marketing toolkit. To leverage it correctly, you must consider first what you want to accomplish. How will it fit in with, or complement your overall marketing plan?

There are a number of players in this market, and each will need different communications strategies:

  • Opinion Leaders – generate information, create dialogue.
  • Communicators – update social status to converse.
  • Critics – reply to posts, requests & get involved.
  • Collectors – bookmark sites, use RSS feeds.
  • Joiners – maintain profiles and visit social sites.
  • Spectators – read, listen, watch but do not participate.
  • Don’t Cares – not involved, don’t want to be.

Source: Forrester Research Social User Profile Ladder

The main social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Digg
  • X (Twitter)
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • MySpace
  • Technorati


If you run a small business or area sole trader (whether you work from home or in premises), please note that posting your movements on social media platforms could lead you to being a victim of crime. If you record your address (even if it is on your website), and then tell someone that you are checking in at the airport for a holiday or business meeting – criminals will know that your home or office will most likely be empty.Your competitors may also be monitoring you, so telling them that you are meeting a particular client could leave you open to increased and targeted competition. To get help in the development of both strategy and the tactical use of social media marketing, call Jack Marketing Solutions™ today.

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