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Setting 6 – Traffic Generator

How much traffic does your website receive? The greater the traffic, the more likelihood that your site is popular – and search engines love to link to popular sites!

Whilst no one can guarantee an increase in the traffic to your website and improvement in your conversion rates, we can put your website in the path of large numbers of visitors, and send many of them to your site.

Driving traffic is not a simple case of pushing them to a single page, although that does boost that page. Relevant links will encourage visitors to stay on the website and view more than just the landing page.

The JMS Website Traffic Generator Solutions

Jack Marketing Solutions™ has a number of traffic generating solutions, including:

  • Targeted press release – A press release is a great way of driving traffic from local and national papers to visit your website, normally in quite a short time.

    Please contact us for a free quote for your press release
  • Traffic generator – We utilise traffic driving methods to send thousands of visitors to your website.

    Costs of this service start at £100 per landing page

Contact us today to find out how we can help generate traffic for your website.

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