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Setting 5 – Page accessibility

Website and page accessibility is now part of the legal framework for online business in Europe. Our sister organisation can undertake accessibility audits of your website and offer you a quality standard on passing the tests.

What many people do not realise, is that accessible web pages will help you to increase your page rankingsincrease the traffic to your website and improve your conversion rates. This is all because search engine spiders act in a similar way to disabled visitors on your website.

With the experience Jack Marketing Solutions™ has gather since we started in digital marketing in 1993, we can help you identify inaccessible areas of your website, and offer guidance to resolve the problem.

The JMS Page Accessibility Solutions

The Jack Marketing Solutions SEO Thermostat™ page accessibility setting provides the following:

  • Identification – Identifying the inaccessible areas of your website is the first step in resolving the issues.
  • Web page redesign – We can undertake the redesign of your Web pages to optimise them for accessibility.

    The cost of this service is from £40 per page. Alternatively, we can project manage your developer to resolve the problem – contact us for a quote
  • Navigation redesign – A common problem in inaccessible websites is the navigation. We can evaluate and repair the navigation on your website to make it more accessible.

    The cost of this service starts at £50 per website
  • Website redesign – We can work with you to refresh your website, and to provide you with an accessible site.

    For prices, please contact our sister company – Jack Computing Solutions

We also offer consultancy and training to organisations wishing to use some of their own time and skill in optimising their own website and advertising.

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