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Setting 4 – Link Building

Do you have a link building strategy for your website? Do you have useful links (either useful to your customers or your website)? Getting links from other, relevant websites is key to building a higher page ranking.

Most website owners get offers of links from a large variety of sources, but many are from people desperate to get links and will have a detrimental affect on your website, so you should be careful.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you develop a link building strategy, find you link partners as a one-off process, or undertake an on going link building partner programme.

The JMS Link Building Solutions

Jack Marketing Solutions™ provides a range of link building services:

  • Link Building Strategy Development – Working with you to develop a robustpractical link building strategy that you, or your web developer can follow.
 Costs for this service start at £400 per website
  • One-off Link Introductions – We will research the best link partners for your site, and the best placement for these links to maximise your page rankings.

    Costs for this service start at £65 per website
  • Link Maintenance Programme – An annual retainer that researches the best link partners, monitors their affect on your website and optimises the linking strategy.

    Cost for this service is £25 per month, after the one-off research and introduction fee above

If you want your site found on the top pages of the search engines, then contact us today.

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