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Setting 2 – Search Engine Posting & SEO Visibility

Many people make great efforts in their search engine optimisation, only to forget to post their site to the search engines! With over 10,000 new websites going online every hour of every day, the search engines no longer go looking for new sites.

Improving your SEO visibility by suggesting a site to the search engines is very simple, and effective, but with the multitude of search engines, it can be quite time consuming.

In addition to the posting of your site, making your content more attractiveup-to-date and sticky is often a more time consuming task, and one that needs to be on going. Jack Marketing Solutions™ works closely with a newsfeed company that provides unique news content that will drive traffic, and customers to your website.

The JMS SEO Visibility Solutions

Jack Marketing Solutions™ and our partners can offer the following services:

  • Top 10 Search Engine Postings – Posting to the top 10 search engines and directories (where allowed and applicable), to drive your website’s SEO visibility.
The cost of this service is £45 per domain
  • Top 100 Search Engine Postings – Extending the reach of the SEO visibility to the top 100 search engines and directories (including the top 10).

    The cost of this service is £75 per domain
  • Top 400 Search Engine Postings – As above, but to the top 400 search engines in the world.

    The cost of this service is £125 per domain
  • Development of unique newsfeeds – We work with a newsfeed organisation that can write tailored news for your website to drive traffic, and increase the stickiness of the site.

    The cost of this service starts at £1,500 per year (annual contract, paid in advance)

If these are areas you want to explore, to improve your website’s SEO visibility, then contact Jack Marketing Solutionstoday.

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