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Setting 1 – Website Ranking

To understand where your website performs on the major search engines, you need to do searches on all your keywords. This is simple, but can be time consuming.

At Jack Marketing Solutions™, we have access to some of the most advanced technology to not only evaluate where you are, but also to provide a report on what the websites above you are actually doing to get higher Web rankings. By emulating them, you have an opportunity to improve your website rankings.

The JMS™ Evaluation Solution

Jack Marketing Solutions™ offers you the following services:

  • Website ranking evaluation – Checking your website’s performance against your nearest competitors.
  • Website ranking report – From the evaluation, you get a detailed report showing you where you appear for all your keywords, and how your competitors are performing (and more importantly – and evaluation of how they are doing it).
  • Presentation & training – We can offer you a presentation of the report, and guidance or full-blown training to use the report to improve your own site.
  • Preparation of a Website design brief – We can also help you use the information to redevelop part, or the whole website to improve your rankings.

A guide price for this service is £600, which assumes to assess up to ten pages and 20 keywords. Contact us now for a free quote to discuss your requirements.

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