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In today’s competitive online environment, building an “optimised” website requires a lot more than just integrating some keywords into the copy and meta tags.

At Jack Marketing Solutions™, we start with a comprehensive research process that identifies how your potential target customers are looking for your products or services. We then evaluate the competitive nature of these phrases and create a blueprint that will allow us to build a successful site.

The old adage, “If you build it, they will come” is no longer true your website probably won’t have this success unless you build it in a search friendly manner.

By designing websites with search engine friendly architecturealgorithm compliant copy, landing pages that initiate action, and supporting pay-per-click and link building programmes, we could say that, “If we build it, they will come.” We are, however, not that complacent.

There are, however, some designers who will build a site that is search engine friendly, but ends up being user-unfriendly, and often illegal (usually in terms of accessibility).

The Search Engine Friendly Design Solutions

At Jack Marketing Solutions™ we have the expertise to handle:

  • Customer-centric websites – for businesses of all sizes, designed from a marketing perspective to meet the objectives identified.
  • E-commerce websites – for all sorts of business needs, product groups and customers.
  • Accessible websites – we have long been building websites that meet the UK & international disability legislation (WAI).
  • Database driven websites including websites with registration facilities, news, articles or online forums, using databases for cataloguesstores and search features.
  • Integration of Content Management Systems (CMS) – using databases to give access to all areas of the website to you, and allowing you to update page of your website online.
  • Community websites – designing, developing and building websites that engage your audience into interacting with your website, brand and company.
  • SME starter websites – for small companies to start to create a presence on the web. Even our smallest websites are designed with search engine positioning and customer-centricity in mind.
  • Complex websites – incorporating elements of the points above, designed and delivered to your requirements.

We also offer consultancy and training to businesses and individuals wishing to use some of their own time and skill in building and maintaining their own search engine friendly website. Our training arm – Jack Training Solutions™ offers a very popular course entitled “Web Design for the Terrified” that has already trained over 150 business owners – please visit the Jack Training Solutions website for more information.

We are also able to offer advice on websites accessibility to all businesses – please check out our sister company – DDA Audit™. DDA Audit™ is an award winning company and has been at the forefront of the development of the DDA quality standards.

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