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When you pay a search engine for each visitor they send to your site, this is called pay per click (PPC). Pay per click listings are usually marked as advertisements or “Sponsored Links” and appear above or beside the search engine’s organic listings.

The primary benefit of pay per click is the immediate results and complete control it offers the advertiser. You can commit £1, or £100,000. You may target one set of keywords today, and if they don’t work out you may target an entirely different set of keywords tomorrow – this makes PPC one of the most flexible and useful forms of advertising media.

As a short-term strategy, pay per click is ideal. The drawback of PPC is the cost. A top position for some search terms can cost thousands or tens of thousands of Pounds, Dollars, Euros each day. Over the long term, organic search engine optimisation is much more cost effective.

There is a rule of thumb in advertising. It says that if a campaign achieves full ROI, it is worth doing. Given this, if the cost of advertising is earned back by the advert, it’s worth doing. By this standard, you may often justify the cost of PPC.

The Jack Marketing Pay per Click Solution™ involves:

  • Discover what is happening in your market. How is your website performing organically on the search engines.
  • Design the right campaign for your target audience, including the advertlanding page and reporting loop.
  • Develop the campaign, including testing the variables.
  • Deploy the advert to the most cost affective media, and monitor and evaluate its performance to maximise your ROI.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can undertake this work for you, and help you define your requirements, develop a brief, and undertake the full Pay per Click Solutions process for you, or train your staff to undertake it themselves. Contact us now to find out how we can help release your potential.

To download our pay per click solutions brochure, please click on the logo 

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