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Integrate your search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) strategy involves participating in pay per click campaigns and other search engine placement tools to advertise your business, product, or service. We can develop SEM strategies that are highly measurable and produce real results.

SEM should not rely purely on the paid search activities, but be a blend of organic optimisation (SEO) and paid advertising. The big advantage of an SEM strategy is the ability to:

  • Control
  • Test
  • Learn

SEM strategy development

With so much noise on the search engines, we can help you develop a robust SEM strategy that will help you get noticed.

  • Get indexed by the top-3 search engines:
    All your web pages should be fully indexed with GoogleYahoo! and Bing. Don’t rely solely on Google.
  • Optimise your keywords for paid search:
    Develop a robust list of keywords, and review it at least quarterly to ensure you optimise the most popular terms.
  • Manage your copy for natural search:
    Integrate your SEO with your SEM strategy, try not to double your effort and waste money, and look at SEM for short-term tactics.
  • Use SEO and SEM in tandem:
    Use the tools for what they are best at – integrate all your search engine activities.
  • Know your audience and how they search:
    If you understand how your customers search, you can adapt your SEM strategy accordingly.
  • Drive traffic to the correct landing page:
    Don’t rely on your home page or a generic landing page, reinforce the search terms with a dedicated, specific landing page.
  • Benchmark:
    Search engine marketing is not an isolated activity, you are competing against your competitors – direct and otherwise, so benchmark yourself for each keyword regularly.
  • Play to your strengths:
    Choose keywords that emphasise the value you are offering, and reinforce with your copywriting.
  • Use social, affiliate and directory sites:
    Find out where your customers congregate and make sure that you also appear strongly there.
  • Track, test and fine-tune:
    Track and measure your activities to execute your SEM strategy effectively. You maybe looking at:
    – Conversion for the keyword, landing page, campaign, etc.
    – Performance from each search engine.
    – Search engine ranking and ad positioning.

Strategies for the SEM Strategy mix

There are certain tactics that your SEM strategy will excel at, so it is important to choose the correct mix:

Search engine optimisation

  • Brand awareness – Excellent
  • Customer acquisition – Excellent
  • Customer retention – Good
  • New product/service launch – Good

Pay per click

  • New product/service launch – Excellent
  • Brand awareness – Good
  • Customer acquisition – Good
  • Customer retention – Indifferent

Sponsored links/advertising

  • Customer acquisition – Excellent
  • Brand awareness – Good
  • New product/service launch – Good
  • Customer retention – Poor

Press releases

  • Brand awareness – Good
  • Customer acquisition – Good
  • New product/service launch – Good
  • Customer retention – Indifferent

Social media

  • Brand awareness – Good
  • Customer acquisition – Good
  • New product/service launch – Good
  • Customer retention – Indifferent

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