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Is your business website way down the list? Do you spend too much money on search engine solutions?

No one can guarantee a first place, and you should be wary of those guarantees, but employing experts can help you to increase your page rankingsincrease the traffic to your website and improve your conversion rates.

Having been involved in Internet and digital marketing almost since the beginning of the web, Jack Marketing Solutions™ has valuable insight into the art of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing(SEM).

If is, however, not enough just to load up your website with keywords – and this can often be seen by the search engine operators as an attempt to trick them. If your website is search engine friendly you will find higher listings easier to achieve.

Jack Marketing Solutions™ can provide SEO and SEM services, work with you to develop a new, search engine friendly website. We have developed an SEO Thermostat™ – with a range of products to turn up the heat on your website. If you prefer to learn how to do the work yourself, JMS™ can provide training for you and your staff.

The JMS™ Search Engine Solutions

At Jack Marketing Solutions™ we have the expertise to handle:

  • Search Engine Optimisation – the ranking of your website on the free or organic search engine listings – check out our SEO Thermostat™.
  • Search Engine Marketing – the proactive marketing you undertake to drive traffic to your website for a fee. This can include pay-per-click and affiliate marketing.
  • Pay-per-Click (PPC) – the cost to you for each click the customer makes using your advert. This can be managed to keep great control of your finances.
  • Search Engine Friendly Website Design – ensuring your website performs well with the search engines, and all the information can be found by the search engine robots.
  • Training – let us show you how to do your own search engine optimisation and marketing to give you maximum control over your advertising.

We also offer consultancy and training to organisations wishing to use some of their own time and skill in optimising their own website and advertising.

To find out more, or to discuss your issues in more detail, contact us now to find out how we can help you with your search engine solutions and release your potential.

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