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Ensuring e-commerce strategy success

Building an e-commerce business needs careful preparation. Planning will dramatically increase your chances for success. We will work with you to create your e-commerce strategy.

We will help you build a business, not just a website. An e-commerce website is a business in it’s own right; the website is merely the shopfront.

Benefits for your business

A successful e-commerce strategy will deliver real added-value, including:

  • Attract new customers: a search-engine friendly architecture will help your e-commerce site get relevantand targeted traffic.
  • Increase sales: a user-friendly sales process will enhance the shopping experience, thus increasing the conversion rate.
  • Provide 1st class customer service: help customers communicateengage and interact with your business to enhance longer term e-commerce opportunities.
  • Reduce operating costs: look to reduce your customer acquisitionservice and fulfilment costs by maximising digital communications and process automation.
  • Promote your brand: make sure you promote your brand, products and services to the right audience, leading them to the most appropriate landing pages to ensure a sale.
  • Increasing customer loyalty and retention: an enhanced, user-friendly, pleasing e-commerce experience generates greater user satisfaction and trust, drawing customers back.
  • Futureproof: a robustwell planed and scalable e-commerce strategy will help futureproof your online presence and sales platform for years to come.
  • Measurement & metrics: understand what works and what is costing you too much. If your ROI is too low, if your traffic is slow, if you fail to retain repeat customers – the metrics will show it, and we can help interpret this.

For help in delivering an understandable, robust and manageable e-commerce strategy with impact, contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 397 3557.

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