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Generate leads and profits

Lead generation is a simple way to increase your ROI and customer lists. Very few companies have the resourcesand expertise to sell online successfully on their own. It’s not just a case of money; it takes digital marketing expertise.

We assess your online shop and work with you to make appropriate changes that would best support sales. This could include site visibilitysearch-engine rankinginventory management or price optimisation.

Suggested lead generation options

Special introductory deals
Target new customers with appropriate deals, e.g. using discounts or vouchers.

Display your contact details openly
If you have ‘freephone’ numbers, or local stores, make this prominent, it may reduce the sales on your online shop, but it will increase the trustworthiness of your offering.

“Recommend a friend”
Let your customers be your ambassador, let them suggest your service to their friends – it is likely that these are people who are more receptive to your products/services, especially when recommended by a friend.

Offsite advertising
By using appropriate advertising on websites that are used by the demographic audience you are targeting, you will increase your reach and your conversion rate.

Behavioural targeting
Behavioural targeting is probably the most effective way to generate leads. By targeting your potential customer related to their behavioural preferences, your lead generation can be more effective.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today to maximise the lead generation to your e-commerce platform.

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