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Earning money by engaging with your customers

In the early days of the Internet, security was an issue that deterred people from transacting. Whilst there are still security issues, they are probably no worse than shopping on the high street.

E-commerce is now a vital part of modern business, and your profits will depend on how easy you make it for your customers to buy from you. With more of your competitors now offering e-commerce, your customers have a choice.

You no longer have to build the e-commerce platforms yourself, with companies such as eBayAmazonPlay.comPixmaniaGoogle ProductsKelkooCIAOShopify, WooCommerce, etc., offering checkout facilities for a fee.

Main features of e-commerce platforms included:

  • E-commerce web development – setup advanced e-commerce features and integration into your website.
  • Templates – design and usability of an e-commerce website are the most important factors affecting your online sales.
  • Payment and shipping methods – using bespoke payment processing modules and integrating with the most popular payment processing gateways.
  • SSL certificate – proof that your website can communicate securely when transacting.
  • Full SEO – Optimise your e-commerce and shop pages to improve your online sales.
  • E-mail service – it is not enough to take your customer’s money securely, you have to communicate with your customers. A good e-mail platform will help you confirm the sale, communicate the shipping details and follow up with cross-selling and up-selling promotions.
  • Affiliate programme integration – help others promote your products.
  • Easy checkout – you should make it easy for customers to register and complete their orders on the website – the ideal is 2-clicks (max) to buy.
  • Recover abandoned shopping carts – give customers a reason to pay or return to your checkout, and avoid abandoned shopping carts.

Jack Marketing Solutions E-commerce Service

Our e-commerce consultancy service is impartial and honest, and our team’s experience with successful online retailers means we understand the issues and best practice to get your e-commerce platform functioning.

Our services include:

  • Generation traffic – organic, paid and affiliate.
  • Customer service.
  • User experience.
  • Logistics/shipping and fulfilment.
  • Multi-channel commerce.
  • Develop buying strategies.
  • Business models.

Contact Jack Marketing Solutions™ today on +44(0)203 397 3557 to maximise the impact and reach of your e-commerce solutions.

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