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Jack Marketing Solutions offers experts in the field of mobile marketing, who have been involved in SMS marketing for many years, and been involved in the standard setting bodies for the industry during that time.

SMS marketing uses mobile phone text messages to communicate with your clients or customers. These messages can convey any information that will benefit your business, but typical subject areas include:

  • Promotions and offers.
  • Appointment reminders.
  • News updates.
  • Information bulletins.
  • Internal communications.
  • SMS competitions.
  • Event management.
  • Lead generation (in conjunction with a Short Code).

Why use SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing exploded in popularity across Europe, including for B2B companies, but has been hit by unsolicited messaging, and the rise of alternative, more secure messaging services such as Facebook Messaging, WhatsApp, Google Chat and other instant messaging options. There are a number of reasons not to ignore it though:

  • SMS marketing is cost-effective:

    A text message costs a fraction of the price of a phone call. Because texts can be sent out in bulk, minimum resources are required to communicate with your customers. Most phone packages now include unlimited text messages.
  • SMS marketing is immediate:

    People carry their mobile phones with them almost everywhere, so will receive your message immediately.
  • SMS marketing has high reach
    There are about seven times more mobile phones in the world than there are internet access points
  • SMS marketing is responsive
    SMS is a personal means of communication, there is a high level of attention for any text message received. By their nature, texts have to brief, so the entire message is usually read. This means they have an excellent response rate to a call to action.
  • SMS marketing is personal and discreet:
Because messages are sent to individual mobile phones, they are seen as being targeted at that specific individual. Even bulk messages can be customised thanks to mail-merge applications.

Why not find out how Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you exploit the benefits of SMS marketing?

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