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Mobile Web design is all about accessing the Web on a mobile device, but this is nothing new – we saw this over 20 years ago. But a renewed interest in developing mobile web content has been fuelled by the increased availability of smartphones and an abundance of skilled XHTML and HTML5 Web developers (the main programming languages for mobile web designs).

Why should you care about mobile web design?

The “mobile Web” is a phrase commonly used to represent “accessing the web on a mobile device.” It can be just as good an experience as the ‘desktop’ Internet. Treating the mobile Web as its own environment, we can find endless possibilities, rather than being just an extension of the desktop experience, albeit with restrictive limitations.

Consider how you access data on your mobile device. You’re on the bus or train, or you’re walking to your next appointment. You hold your handset in one hand, a coffee in the other. You’re glancing up to prevent walking into others, or to be sure you haven’t missed your stop.

The mobile Web is very much a context-, content-, and component-specific environment. Unlike the desktop Web experience, where screen real estate is liberal, Web access is fast and reliable, and data input is facilitated by a keyboard and mouse – the mobile Web experience is often via a small screenintermittent, one-handed experience. Therefore, this often leads to leaner content and a reduced feature set compared with desktop web content. This does, however lead to opportunities unavailable in the desktop web environment: location-specific dataon-the-go messaging, and of course voice communication to name a few.

Just as in other areas of marketing, any mobile Web design strategy must begin with an understanding of the target audience and what they want from a site or app, and what the contextual relevance of such a site or app is.

With over twenty years bleeding edge mobile Web design experience, Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you exploit this mobile web marketing opportunity, contact us today.

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