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Make your marketing very personal!

There are more than 1 billion mobile phones in the world. Smartphones are driving a second internet revolution that seems to be more of an explosion than the first one. Smartphones are establishing a new way of thinking for businesses and consumers and changing playing field.

Future mobile marketing services will be driven by real time analytics, internet services and data. Unlike the ‘fixed’ net, mobile adds locationmovement and more interactivity to the marketing mix – more balls for marketers to juggle. The latest mobile phones can offer privacylocal context and immediacy to your marketing.

In order to be able to offer innovative and creative mobile user experiences, marketers should look at more than just the just physical context, consider just timemovement or examine customers’ past actions.

The mobile web

The mobile web can have two connotations – on the one hand it can mean the website a user accesses from a ‘mobile device’ – this should be optimised for the wide array of screen sizes and types. On the other hand, it can mean managing a website’s content from anywhere via a mobile device – freeing you from the office environment.

mobile website interface can hold information details, e-mail listings, auto responding and business campaign which may include the following of demand information, SMS alertsSMS autoresponders and mobile coupons. It can also include business promotion interfaces such as Text-to-WinText-to-Vote and Text-to-Screen.

One problem facing many web marketers is that a customer may know (or have bookmarked) a ‘fixed’ web page, and accessing it on a mobile device then provides a lousy experience. Auto-identification of the device, operating system, browser and location can help deliver a better user experience – one that is better suited for that device. 

You should also not forget SEO friendly content or ‘mobile’ advertising on your mobile website – the volume of searches carried out on mobile devices is increasing exponentially, and is often linked very closely with the location of the search.

These are the basic mobile marketing solutions you should know about:

  • Create a mobile website:
    Creating a mobile friendly website is one of the first things you should do. ‘Fixed’ websites aren’t normally mobile compatible. They load slowly, there is too much text, and often too small, forcing the user to zoom in or scroll sideways and there may be a feature that won’t work on smartphones, such as Flash animation.
  • Create landing pages:
    Creating a good landing page where information will be displayed in a format you want your users to act on will help your business get more visits and a better user experience.
  • Mobile apps – the new interaction:
    If you own a smartphone or tablet, you will know how many ‘apps’ are available. If you are engaging (or likely to) with your customers on mobile, you may want to develop and market an app. This locks your customers in to a more controlled experience, and provides you with more control of your message.

Outbound mobile marketing

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is one of the original data tools associated with mobile phones – but, every mobile phone owner can still send and receive these messages. If it’s done well, it delivers brand awareness and more customers. But you should take these thing into account when you create an SMS campaign:

  • Personal text messages must give the impression they’re customised for the individual.
  • Give the users an opt-out option – it is a legal requirement. Also remember that there has been an increase in SMS spam, so your message must also be believable, otherwise people won’t opt-out, they will report and block your number.
  • Timing is vital – sending an SMS at 3:00 in the morning probably won’t give a positive result, nor will sending B2C messages to people likely to be on holiday (initiating international roaming charges can annoy your customers).

Mobile marketing with mobile ads

To be competitive, a business must invest in one of the most effective marketing strategies for selling your brand; mobile marketing. However, your marketing objectives will, of course, only work if you do things right.

Consistency is the key

Your customers are unlikely to look at your mobile website alone. To ensure that your mobile marketing is effective, you need to make sure the messages sent out are consistent with any other material being advertised online or offline. The emotional aspect should be consistent – the imagestonalitymessage – but the functionality should be relevant to the medium.

Introduce offers and promotions

One of the best ways to attract your potential clients’ attention is through offers and promotions. But they should stand out, so make an impact with them. Mobile is an ideal vehicle for this, grabbing user interest and engaging them whilst gathering vital behavioural data. Use of QR Codes provides a means of interacting with retail promotions, and scanning them from offline media can give instant access to information, offers and promotions.

Create a feedback loop

Mobile marketing is now being used by almost every big brand, and many are succeeding in increasing their customer engagement and profitability as a result. The mobile phone is, however, not a one-way medium, and being as personal as it is, two-way communications build strong relationships. As a result of this, it offers the opportunity to gather important feedback directly from the customer. 

Keep it simple

Standard digital advertising is increasingly transferring to mobile, especially thanks to the introduction of smartphones and tablets. But, you will be working with a smaller screen, and every pixel is important, so a banner advert could block valuable space – it is better keeping it brief but very informative. This applies not only to mobile websites, but also to mobile e-mails. Mobile advertising is getting more complex, and now also involves technology such as real time bidding (RTB), behavioural targeting, and Location Based Services (LBS).

Contact us today to find out how Jack Marketing Solutions™ can help you maximise your mobile marketing potential.

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